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Indoor Services

Kitchen Remodeling

  • Custom cabinetry 

  • Tiles

  • Granite, quartz, and marble countertops 

  • Appliance installation 

  • Smart home integration 


  • Assess Needs and Wishes

  • Needs vs. Desires in a Kitchen Remodel

  • Remodel Reality Check

  • Kitchen Remodel Resale Value

  • Prepare for Compromise

  • Kitchen Design and Planning

  • Prepare Your Home

  • Kitchen Demolition

  • Kitchen Structural Build-Out

  • Plumbing, Wiring, and HVAC Rough-In

  • Finish Walls and Ceilings

  • Install Flooring

  • Install Cabinets and Countertops

  • Install Appliances, Plumbing, and Wiring Fixtures

  • Inspection and Completion

Bathroom Renovation

  • Stand-up shower

  • Bathtub

  • Tiles

  • Heated flooring 

  • Vanity and toilet installation 

  • Smart home integration


  • Planning and Budget

  • Demolition

  • Plumbing Rough-In

  • Electrical Rough-In

  • Add Blocking for Grab Bars

  • Close Walls

  • Paint Walls

  • Install Tile

  • Install Shower Door

  • Install Lights and Exhaust Fan

  • Install Vanity and Sink

  • Install Toilet

  • Add Accessories

Living & Dining Room

  • Room remodelling 

  • Accent rock walls 

  • Hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring 

  • TV mounting

  • Smart home integration 


Steps for TV mounting:

  • Decide where you want to position the TV

  • Locate the wall studs using a stud finder

  • Mark and drill your pilot holes

  • Attach the mounting bracket to the wall

  • Attach the mounting plate to the TV

  • Mount your TV to the wall


  • Hardwood 

  • Laminate 

  • Vinyl 

  • Tiles

  • Marble and granite floors  

  • Automatic lighting 


  • Determine what type of floor renovation project you want to achieve

  • Contact contractors to receive quotes (if applicable)

  • Choose materials and products

  • Prepare the ground (remove furniture, protect certain surfaces, prepare products and materials)

  • Start the work (repair, installation, etc.)

  • If necessary, allow a waiting period (so that the finishing products have time to dry or the floor covering can adapt to its environment)

  • Finalize the work

Indoor Repairs & Maintenance

  • Drywall 

  • Flooring 

  • Painting 

  • Smart home integration 

  • Automatic lighting 

  • Plumbing and electrical 

  • Stairs repair


Steps for a successful painting job:

  • Do a Thorough Visual Inspection and Prep

  • Buy High-Quality Brushes, Roller Covers, and Painter's Tape

  • Know Your Nap: The more texture your walls have, the thicker the nap

  • Protect Anything You Don't Want Painted

  • Remove Light Switch and Outlet Covers

  • Use Primer

  • Box Your Paint

  • Let the Roller Do the Work

  • Paint From Top to Bottom

Outdoor Services

Patios & Decks

  • Entertainment area expansion 

  • Stone slab and interlock installation 

  • Raised patios and decks 

  • Wooden decks 

  • Composite decking 

Image by Zac Gudakov


  • Plan and Design Your Deck

  • Measure, Dig Footings, Set Posts and Install Ledger

  • Build and Install Deck Framing

  • Install the Decking Boards

  • Build Stairs and Railings

Concrete & Grinding

  • Concrete slabs 

  • Concrete driveways and walkways 

  • Stamped concrete 

  • Concrete resurfacing 

  • Concrete grinding 

  • Shed and gazebo base 

  • Patio concrete area 



  • Prepare the Site

  • Order the Right Concrete

  • Have Good Tools On Hand

  • Use Steel Reinforcements

  • Pour To the Right Thickness, 4-5 inches

  • Use Water Sparingly

  • Keep the Wheelbarrow Manageable

  • Work Carefully and Quickly

  • Spread the Top To Push Aggregate Down

  • Aim to complete during between a 10-15 degrees celsius air temperature

Paver & Interlocking

  • Levelling and compacting  

  • Concrete stone 

  • Natural stone slab and pavers

  • Polymeric sand 


  • Lay Bedding Sand

  • Install Edge Restraint

  • Lay the Pavers

  • Vibrate the Pavers

  • Sand the Pavers

Sod & General Landscaping

  • Custom built sheds

  • Aluminum, wooden, and composite pergolas

  • Patio gazebos

  • Shed installation

Image by Randy Fath


  • Have or create a solid foundation

  • Ensure good air circulation

  • Make your floor frame sturdy and weather-resistant

  • Use roof trusses

  • Get a property inspection

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

  • Custom kitchen framing

  • Stone accents and kitchen cabinetry 

  • Integrated appliances 

  • Outdoor lighting



  • Choose the types of Landscape Lighting

  • A quality installation of solar lighting depends on advanced planning

  • Determine the layout

  • Assemble and Install the Lights

  • Wire the Transformer - Low Voltage

  • Assemble and Place the Lights 

  • Connect the Light

  • Bury the Cable

  • Set the Timer to automatically turn your lights on and off

Outdoor Repairs & Maintenance

  • Asphalt resurfacing

  • Concrete crack repair

  • Roof repairs

  • Deck remairs

  • backyard expansions

  • walkout basement


Steps for a successful roof repair:

  •  Plan ahead

  • Rip off old roofing, and clean the roof bed of old nails and any debris

  • Repair roof bed if necessary.

  • Install the underlayment

  • Install drip edge

  • Install roof covering, including ridge cap, flashing and ridge vents

  • Clean up debris

Our Expertise


  • Design and sketching

  • Planning

  • Scheduling and sub-trades

  • Estimating

  • Budgeting



  • Quality Control

  • Supervision

  • Cleanliness 

  • safety management



  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Post-check-in

Image by Zac Gudakov
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