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About Us

South North Services

Is a construction company that focuses on indoor and outdoor renovations, including landscaping and expansions. We value our customers satisfaction, by ensuring to deliver high end finishes. We offer a unique service to our clients from finished designs of potential results, to your dream renovation. With over 15 years of experience, our hard working team has a mission to create a positive experience for our customers. We take pride in the involvement and work we put into our community, which is the formula South North Services uses to ensure ongoing satisfied customers.



For optimum strength, you should use half inch steel bars in a grid between in the middle of the concrete. 


Paint can affect lighting, which is why you should always plan the colour pallet before renovating. 


Choose wisely between bagged and bulk material. If it can be spread around, it's bulk. If it needs to be moved more than once, it's  bagged.


Create a 3D drawing to understand what the reality of the renovation will look like once complete.

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